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Klub Kuźnia


Klub Kuźnia

Adres:ul. Gdańska 67 Miasto:85-005 Bydgoszcz Tel:+48523213170, +48523457143

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Oceń lokal Ogólna ocena: 7.87 / 10

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Eljazz big Band
start: 20:30

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Redakcja nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za wypowiedzi Internautów opublikowane na stronach serwisu oraz zastrzega sobie prawo do redagowania, skracania bądź usuwania komentarzy zawierających treści zabronione przez prawo, uznawane za obraźliwie lub naruszające zasady współżycia społecznego.

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Bardzo przyjemny klub,obsługa rewelacyjna.A zabawa sylwestrowa poprostu mistrzostwo.Za rok wracamy!!!


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Darth,I cannot even say to what etxent I find this text of yours disturbing.Certainly, you are entitled to your opinion on the matter and so am I.You suggest analysing individual cases so here is one for you.In 1968 two university lecturers of Jewish origin who I know and have absolutely no reason to distrust were (politely) asked to leave there posts because they were no longer needed . Contrary to Mr Kantor, they sought other employment but they could not find any the prospective employers asked why they had been made redundant and, having realised the reason, refused to deal with them any more (does wilczy bilet ring a bell?). Unfortunately, the same happened to the lecturers' parents who worked as clerks; please note that they were all middle-class and none of them was a member of the PZPR or any other communist party for that matter. Neither were they Zionists; they were both typical assimilationists and supporters of Haskala (the Jewish Enlightment)Later, they were invited to some kind of state office (most probably an SB one) and offered a one-way ticket (politely again but no one who lived then was deluded by the SB politeness). With most of their friends already gone, they felt they had already reached the end of a dark cul-de-sac and therefore were unable to reject the offer.Then all four of them had to sell their movables (which, due to the circumstances, were dirt cheap and immediately grabbed by the neighbours only one lady paid a decent price for the wardrobe!) and to pack the limited amount of luggage left ( as far as I remember they were not allowed to take any cash or just some 10 dollars or so please, check for yourself). In the end, they were issued a document of journey (do not mistake it for a passport) and left for Israel. Their ancient grandmother, who had survived the Holocaust in a barn in a little Malopolska village, decided to stay. She said: after what I went through there is nothing which can hurt me more . When she died, the flat (as the lecturers' one) was taken over by the state. You may find it interesting that they have no intention of reclaiming either of them; only once did they want to see it but the current owner (tennant?) subjected them to a torrent of abuse and shut the door in their faces.The lecturers' parents found Israel completely foreign and could not accept it as their homeland; but for the Polish bookshops and Polish press, they would have probably suffered a mental breakdown there. They did not live long enough to be allowed to see Poland again. The lecturers did not take to Israel either; they never learnt fluent Hebrew and they never embraced the new-old culture of the country. After the parents' death they left for the States. Thanks to the help of Polish friends they found work but they never regained their teaching positions. They are both retired now.I rest my case.J.PS. If the problem of reclaiming properties bothers you so much, try putting yourself in somebody elses' shoes. Imagine you once lived in a town where, in 1939, 65% of the population was X-ish and you were an X too. Almost all the houses in the market square (the shops, the banks, the library, the chemist's and so on) belonged to the Xs. After the war all the properties changed hands. Wouldn't your father like to recover his little shop? Wouldn't you mum like to get her private library back (where she lent mainly Polish books to the Poles and Xs alike)? Wouldn't you like to sit in your favourite window again and take a look at the square? Wouldn't you?

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